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Clarity Vx Pro

Advanced real-time noise reduction for voice, powered by AI
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Clean Dialogue with Unparalleled Quality— in a Fraction of the Time

Eliminate hours of tedious post-production work: Clarity Vx Pro’s AI-powered noise reduction cleans voice and vocal recording quickly, in real time, delivering artifact-free results.

Forget about ADR, re-doing scenes, or combining multiple processors and hoping they work: Just insert Clarity Vx Pro, turn the single main knob, adjust a few advanced controls if needed—done.

Clarity’s pioneering Neural Networks are the result of millions of voice files fed into an advanced machine learning engine, with the results vetted by meticulous human evaluation. The outcome: a perfect combination of instant real-time workflow and no-compromise audio quality—a revolution in dialogue post-production.

  • Industry-leading noise reduction for voice, exceptional quality
  • Real-time with full automation—game changer for post-production
  • Fast results—performs all noise reduction tasks in a single pass
  • Powered by groundbreaking Waves Neural Networks®
  • Edit & mix dialogue in context, inside DAW with all video and audio tracks playing
  • 6 bands with process amount, solo, delta, bypass, pure gain adjustment, VCA control
  • Automate your settings—no need for multiple instances
  • Keep background ambience and remove voice to create ‘fills’
  • Choose from 4 neural networks to suit your exact needs
  • Reflections control smoothly brings back natural reflections
  • Neural networks ambience gate to lower voice level between replicas
  • Mono/Stereo width control
Watch It in Action

A New Standard in Post-Production

  • 75th Emmy® Award Winner

    We’re excited to tell you that Waves Clarity Vx Pro won the 75th Engineering, Science & Technology Emmy® Awards.

    Clarity Vx Pro Product Manager Shai Fishman and DSP Team Leader Yaniv Alon accepted the award on behalf of Waves, in the ceremony held in Los Angeles on October 18th, 2023: Watch here (skip to 48:20).

  • Real-Time Workflow: No Bouncing, No Rendering

    With Clarity working in real time, you can immediately hear the clean results in your DAW—non-destructively, in the context of your full video or audio session. No need to render, bounce, duplicate or consolidate tracks. Unlike other advanced but cumbersome noise reduction tools, Clarity doesn’t need to ‘learn’ the profile of each noise segment anew. Its AI engine is trained to recognize what’s voice and what’s noise, with no learning time.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Superior Noise Reduction Quality, Powered by Waves Neural Networks®

    No need to go through a dozen-plus modules, either, in order to clean dialogue at the highest quality. The heavy lifting is done by Clarity’s pioneering Neural Networks—trained by millions of voice files fed into a machine learning engine, combined with meticulous human evaluation. The result is noise cleaning of the highest order, of such natural, consistent quality it makes ADR redundant.

  • Easy Automation for an Even Faster Workflow

    Bouncing back and forth between scenes or song sections with different noise reduction needs? No problem. Clarity Vx Pro is fully automatable, including all advanced controls, so you can automate changes as needed, to maintain the flow.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Keep Ambience, Remove Voice

    Want to keep production sound but remove the dialogue, to use as ‘fill’ underneath ADR? Simply turn the main control to the left to remove the voice from the ambience. This will leave you with the real production sound, for more realistic ambience background—endlessly usable for foley, sound design, broadcasting, and dubbing. Of course, you can also set the main control anywhere in-between the two extreme, to easily set the exact balance between voice and background.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
  • 4 Neural Networks to Suit Your Exact Needs

    Choose from four neural networks to optimally handle different source materials. Broad 1 is better at preserving both the main and secondary voices. Broad 1 HF is a variant of Broad 1, trained to better preserve high frequencies. Broad 2 is recommended for severe noises. It is also better at separating the main voice from secondary background voices. Broad ECO is a low-CPU network, recommended for heavy sessions where many instances of Clarity Vx Pro are needed.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material
  • 6 Bands Plus More Advanced Features

    Many noise reduction tasks can be achieved with the plugin’s single main control. The advanced controls—all fully automatable—let you further finesse your results, including:

    • 6 bands to process different frequency ranges, each with independent processing amount, solo, bypass, delta and pure gain controls.
    • VCA control over all 6 bands to adjust global processing amounts, maintaining the ratio of the multiband settings.
    • Reflections control to restore the natural reflections of the voice after noise reduction.
    • Voice-sensitive (rather than volume-sensitive) Neural Network ambience gate, which can lower the residual ambience in between dialogue replicas (during unvoiced parts).
    • Width control to sum the L/R output signal from stereo to mono.
    • Auto-reset for the Neural Networks. ((On a re-assign bus, for example, when one instance of Clarity Vx Pro handles alternating voice & noise profiles from different sources, the network processor is reset when it detects 200 ms of silence.)
    • Built-in Limiter to prevent digital clipping/peaks, useful when bouncing multiple tracks through the plugin, or after applying pure gain enhancements within the bands.
    Features: Precision Modeled Transformers