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CLA Unplugged

Multi-effects optimized for acoustic instruments
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The Quick Fix for Your Acoustic Tracks from a Master of Mixing


Acoustic instruments play in an acoustic space, so enveloping them with a realistic ambiance is crucial to the mixing process. Chris Lord-Alge (Foo Fighters, Muse, Green Day, Bruce Springsteen) knows that glorious acoustic sounds require exquisite effect chains.

CLA Unplugged’s two lush reverbs (each with pre-delay), delay, bass/treble EQ, and compression give all acoustic instruments a luxurious polish—from realistic textures, to rich and dreamy.

“CLA Unplugged is a dream box of reverb effects plus great hi-res EQ and compression. I wanted a plugin you could put on acoustic guitars, piano, strings, nylon string solos… This plugin is designed to give you great reverb/delay possibilities for acoustic instruments plus the smoothest EQ curve around”—Chris Lord-Alge

  • Created with mix legend Chris Lord-Alge
  • 6 effects, each with 3 different modes and effect amount fader
  • Ideal for piano, acoustic guitar, strings, woodwinds, and voice
  • Classy, complex ambiance from 2 reverbs with different characters
  • Bass and treble EQ curves are optimized for acoustic instruments
  • Expand the sense of space with separate pre-delay for each reverb
  • Combine rhythmic echo effects—sync delay times to host tempo
  • Push dynamics for power and punch, with precise compression
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