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CLA Guitars

Multi-effects optimized for instant gratification
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Guitar Sounds, from Subtle to Stunning, in Seconds


Guitars are the sound of rock, and Grammy-winning engineer Chris Lord-Alge knows guitars. His hits with guitar-focused bands like Foo Fighters, Green Day, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold—and so many more—are known for their driving, exciting, radio-ready guitar sounds.

CLA Guitars’ 6 effects and 3 modes (Clean, Crunch, and Heavy) deliver the sounds you’ve heard in hit after hit. Feed your need for instant gratification—and inspiration—with CLA’s expertise.

  • 6 effects cover the crucial sounds needed for today’s music
  • Built for speed, in close association with Chris Lord-Alge
  • 3 modes handle everything from delicate acoustic to hard rock
  • Super-easy editing—for more of an effect, turn up a fader
  • Choose from 3 optimized tonal colors for each effect
  • Choose between DI and re-amping options
  • Pro-level presets kickstart the mixing process
  • Create gorgeous stereo imaging with pitch processing
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