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CLA Effects

Multi-effects for adding a modern, polished luster
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When You Need Effects That Will Surprise You


Sometimes you want to go beyond basic processing—and so does Chris Lord-Alge (Foo Fighters, Bowie, Nine Inch Nails). CLA Effects puts the “special” in special effects with distortion, two types of delay, a novel “throw” switch for expressive delay, pitch processing, reverb, and more.

Transport your effects buses and tracks to a world of lo-fi fuzz, dub-style delay, tape flanging, wide stereo, versatile echoes, novel EQ, and other tools for polishing your sound or adding that unexpected effect.

“Filtered vocal? Check. Telephone FX? Check. John Lennon ‘I Am the Walrus’ vocal distortion? Check and double-check. Multiple delays with tape phasing? You got it. Reverb, tape slap, and long echo all at once? Yes, yes, and yes. To top it all off, all tempos are matched to the session BPM, cutting out all the guesswork.”—Chris Lord-Alge

  • Designed with legendary mixer Chris Lord-Alge
  • 6 effects with effect amount faders, and 3 different FX modes
  • Ideal for vocal adlibs, filtering on instruments, and much more
  • 3 distortion flavors, from gentle drive to hardcore fuzz
  • Modify stereo image with chorus, widening, and tape flanging
  • “Throw” switch toggles momentary send into long delay
  • Separate short and long delays sync to tempo (except slapback)
  • EQ for high shelf, midrange boost, and resonant “telephone” effect
  • 3 Reverb ambiances—Room, Hall, Canyon
  • Left/right balance and sensitivity controls
  • Switchable Direct mode—use CLA Effects with bus or track
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