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CLA EchoSphere

Plate reverb with slapback echo, optimized for lead vocals
Image for CLA EchoSphere

Chris Lord-Alge’s Signature Vocal Reverb + Slap Delay Effect


The diffused, bright sound of plate reverb, enhanced by adding slapback echo, are go-to effects for vocal and guitar leads. EchoSphere takes this popular pairing a giant step further, with models of the personal hardware used by Chris Lord-Alge (Foo Fighters, Muse, Springsteen).

EchoSphere distills years of Lord-Alge’s work, from straight country to the hardest of rock, with these magical processors. Now it’s your turn to add the same space, life, and depth to your mixes.

  • Designed in close partnership with Chris Lord-Alge
  • Models one of the most iconic plate reverbs in recording history
  • The slapback delay faithfully re-creates true, tape-based delay
  • Choose the classic routing of delay into reverb, or route in parallel
  • Over 90 presets from world-class engineers and Grammy winners
  • Exclusive modulation process animates the reverb sound
  • Plate reverb is also superb with drum sounds
  • Plate controls for pre-delay, reverb time, low/high frequency damping
  • Adjust slapback echo time, feedback, and high/low filtering
  • Wet/dry mix fader, and locking mute and solo, for plate and echo
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