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CLA-3A Compressor / Limiter

Solid-state compression for classic 70s bass, drum sound
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Bring Instruments Up Front with Tight, Transparent Compression


The CLA-3A combines solid-state circuitry’s fast attack with the gentle release of optical-based compression. A favorite on guitar, bass, and drums, the CLA-3A models the tight, punchy compression effect that played an important role in high-end studios of the 1970s.

Without the coloration of tubes, and only a slight hint of harmonic distortion, the CLA-3A handles high-level transients and pushes out punch—especially with midrange instruments.

  • Transparent sound quality, even with significant compression
  • Solid-state design responds superbly to transients
  • Choose Limiter mode to increase instrument sustain
  • Perfect for bass, overhead drum mics, keyboards, guitar
  • Modeled from studio legend Chris Lord-Alge’s personal favorite unit
  • Includes custom presets by Chris Lord-Alge
  • Mix control for easy parallel compression
  • For extra authenticity, optionally add subtle hiss and hum
  • Trim control for quick level adjustment
  • Zero latency for mixing both in the studio and live
Watch It in Action

70s Solid-State Compression that Excels for Bass, Drums, Guitars

  • Compression with an Edge

    Sometimes you don’t want smooth and warm compression—but tight, clean, and responsive dynamics control. Whether for drums or rock vocals, the CLA-3A gives the compression you need, for the attitude you want.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Super Speedy Setup

    Save time: with two main controls and one switch, the minimalist—yet highly effective—user interface makes it easy to dial in the desired settings, and keep your creativity flowing.

  • Solid-State, and Rock-Solid

    Rock wants a responsive, big sound, and the CLA-3A’s solid-state design is a perfect match for music that requires transparent compression—even when you’re slamming peak reduction hard.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Beyond the Basics

    Keep the sound clean, or add subtle noise and hum. Use the sidechain input to lock the CLA-3A’s compression to other tracks, and tame harshness by choosing whether the compression favors high frequencies. The added Mix control allows easy parallel compression, and the added Trim lets you adjust levels quickly.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
  • Chris Lord-Alge’s Personal Presets

    The CLA-3A is an exact model of Chris Lord-Alge’s original hardware version, from his personal collection. It includes his favorite custom presets for the CLA-3A, based on what he’s used for mixing Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Bruce Springsteen.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material