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C360 Surround Compressor

Soft-knee compression with limiting and linking for 5.1 Surround
Image for C360 Surround Compressor

Dynamics Processing with True Transparency


Sometimes, limiting to prevent overs isn’t enough—you want the softer sections to be louder, and the louder sections to be softer. But you also want transparency. Conventional compressors may have an objectionable, “pumping” kind of effect—but not the 360 Surround Compressor.

The 360’s soft-knee compression doesn’t clamp down hard on signals, but slides them smoothly into compression. The result is a present, yet natural, 5.1 surround sound that still retains a dynamic feel.

  • Soft-knee compression avoids the “squashed” hard-knee sound
  • Built-in limiter sets a ceiling for the maximum output level
  • Look-ahead function anticipates level changes, and avoids popping
  • Auto-release ensures correct dynamics tracking
  • Auto-makeup keeps correct levels, with light or heavy compression
  • Parameter linking for ease of editing settings
  • Link dynamics processing to preserve cross-channel balance
  • Offers up to 3 sidechains, to which any number of channels can link