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Butch Vig Vocals

Vocal multi-effect by the producer for Nirvana and Foo Fighters
Image for Butch Vig Vocals

Let a Member of Rock Royalty Produce Your Vocals


Nirvana. Foo Fighters. Smashing Pumpkins. Green Day. Garbage. No producer has had a greater impact on modern alternative rock than Butch Vig. Now, you can take advantage of his Grammy-winning expertise to add impact, presence and edge to your vocals.

From subtle enhancements that bring out any singer’s personality, to crushing distortion and lo-fi that cut through mixes like a knife, let Butch Vig’s production mastery realize your vocals’ potential.

  • Created in close collaboration with legendary producer Butch Vig
  • Multieffects with dynamics, EQ, filters, and harmonic saturation
  • Add an edge to vocals with tube or solid-state saturation
  • Flexible compression can smooth out vocals, or add aggression
  • Saturation effects are layered in parallel with vocals
  • 81 custom presets by Butch Vig, Chris Lord-Alge, Ross Hogarth
Watch It in Action

Produce Vocals Dripping with Character

  • Not Just Any Vocal—a Butch Vig Vocal

    From Kurt Cobain to Shirley Manson, Butch Vig’s vocal productions have a distinctive quality that emphasizes the singer’s essence, whether heavily or lightly processed. This plugin captures Butch’s favorite settings, and helps bring out the essence of your vocals.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Put Your Vocals in Focus

    The brilliant Focus feature is this plugin’s “secret ingredient.” It emphasizes the front end of vocal notes, while adding heavy compression for the sustain, by combining mid-band shaping and compression.

  • Vocal Saturation and Distortion from the Master

    Between two parallel saturation types and filtering, the harmonic distortion can thicken sweetly, or pulverize. Butch Vig has mastered how and when to add vocal saturation, so it’s not surprising this aspect is thoroughly refined.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Tune In to Butch’s Magic Frequencies

    When developing the plugin, Butch reviewed his work on original sessions with Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Green Day and Garbage, and found certain “magic” frequencies that always did the job. The Mid Dip filter, Lows, Presence, and Air controls come pre-tuned to these ideal EQ curves.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
  • Optimized De-Essing for Bright Vocals

    With the bright EQ and heavy compression settings used in today’s vocals, sibilance can be a problem. The De-Esser in Butch Vig Vocals is carefully designed to be unobtrusive, effective, and an essential part of this inventive vocal chain.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material
  • Give Your Instruments a Voice, Too

    Many instruments’ frequencies fall within the vocal range—and for them, this plugin is like a channel strip. Presets for guitar, bass, drums, and piano showcase why so many users process more than just vocals with this plugin.

    Features: Precision Modeled Transformers