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Berzerk Distortion

Intense over-the-top distortion playground
Image for Berzerk Distortion

Transcend the Traditional with Deranged Distortion


Wild and versatile, Berzerk zooms past today’s boutique analog distortion pedals with more parameters, more creative options, and breakthrough features. Add feedback, randomize distortion shapes, apply inventive dynamics, do mid/side/stereo processing, and more.

Fashioned for creative musicians and sound designers frustrated by the limits of traditional distortion plugins, Berzerk shatters convention—and provides an antidote to creative ruts.

  • 10 original distortion shapes, with ‘Go Berzerk’ randomizer option
  • Transform drum loops, synth lines & more into pulsating monsters
  • A dream come true for creative musicians and sound designers
  • Insane frequency-based effects from level-tracking oscillator
  • Dynamics pumps, gates, ducks, and expands the distorted audio
  • 3 fully parametric EQ stages further colorize the distortion
  • Resonant feedback network creates pitched tonalities
  • Over 100 dazzling presets by Grammy winners
  • M/S distortion: Distort only mids or sides, leave the rest clean
  • Oversample for cleaner sounds—or keep it dirty
  • Unique Feedback oscillation section with pitch/speed controls, INT/EXT sidechaining and more
  • Temperature control to set overall signal color and warmth
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