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Bass Slapper

The most nuanced and realistic slap bass plugin ever created
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Optimized for the Authentic Sound and Feel of Slap Bass


Slapping bass with your thumb makes such a cool sound, but it’s impossible to sample… right? Not anymore. 3,700 multisamples, with round-robin note assignments and articulations, nail the 70s bass sound that players like Larry Graham and Bootsy Collins used to power funk, disco, and pop.

Select a warm, old-school sound, or bright modern—even choose the neck position where notes play, because the same note sounds different at different positions. It’s all about slap bass realism.

  • Sampled with natural sustain—no looped samples
  • Control dynamics by selecting the number of velocity layers
  • 11 interactive playing positions with automatic string switching
  • Full 5-string articulation: thumbing, popping, mutes & more
  • Choose 5 different legato modes, including “always” and “off”
  • 4 amp sim + cabinet options, so your tone can purr or growl
  • Pre-amp FX: compressor, phaser, overdrive, triggered wah, chorus
  • Post-amp FX: delay (with sync-to-tempo) and reverb
  • Adjust MIDI parameters, such as velocity curve and depth
  • Alter sustain, transpose, note release sound artifacts, and more
  • Use as a plugin in your DAW or play as a standalone instrument
  • NKS-ready for NI Maschine and Komplete Kontrol
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