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Abbey Road Reverb Plates

Classic bright reverb with sound that “blooms”
Image for Abbey Road Reverb Plates

Versatile, Lush Reverb with a Legendary Heritage


Plate reverbs have a diffused, bright, idealized sound quality that’s unlike acoustic spaces. Developed in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios, this definitive plugin captures the 4 versatile plates used for film scores, classical projects, and pop music from Pink Floyd to Adele.

The EMT plates installed in 1957 remain in use today—because they sound incredible. Modeled with meticulous detailed and validated by Abbey Road, these sounds are now available to all.

  • Includes all four reverb plates from Abbey Road Studios
  • The reverb sounds on Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead recordings
  • Give vocals and instruments a bright, present reverb quality
  • High diffusion smooths drums and other percussive instruments
  • Short and snappy to huge and lush, with variable decay times
  • Models Abbey Road’s custom hybrid preamp circuits
  • Includes pre-delay, EQ, crosstalk, and drive controls
  • Developed in close collaboration with Abbey Road Studios
Watch It in Action

Give Vocals and Instruments the Brightness and Sheen of Plate Reverb

  • Shiny, Smooth Reverb for All Tracks

    Plate reverbs produce a dense, bright sound, without early reflections. This gives the smoothest possible reverb effect with drums, percussion, instrument attacks (like guitar strums), and other percussive sounds.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Give Vocals Brightness and Presence

    Compared to the organic sound of acoustic reverb, the focused, bright sound of plates has made them a favorite reverb for vocals and percussive instruments—but the sound quality helps any track stand out just a little more in a mix.

  • Variable Versatility

    No two plate sounds are alike—so Abbey Road Reverb Plates captures the sound of the 4 distinctly different plates at Abbey Road Studios. Embellish the sound further with drive, analog modeling, pre-delay, and EQ.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Alter Reverb Decay Time: Bright to Ambient

    Waves has faithfully modeled the complex mechanical damping mechanism that altered plate reverb times. Choose short and snappy reverb for vocals or extend the reverb up to 6 seconds for massive ambient synth vibes.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”

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