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OVox Producer Pack II: 72 Free Presets

Mar 05, 2020 | 36,326 Views

Download free presets for the OVox Vocal ReSynthesis plugin, created by producers and mixers for Bon Iver, Rihanna, Beyoncé & more. These presets were not included in the original OVox plugin release.

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This Producer Pack includes 72 presets by:

  • Producer/mixer Marta Salogni (Bon Iver)
  • Producer/engineer Mick Schultz (Rihanna)
  • Producer/mixer Chris Tabron (Beyoncé)
  • Mix engineer Leslie Brathwaite (Cardi B)
  • Producer/musician Stevic MacKay (Twelve Foot Ninja)
  • Producer Jimmy Bralower (Madonna)
  • Producer Mitch Allan (Demi Lovato)
  • Producer Seige Monstracity (Snoop Dogg)
  • Producer/songwriter Scott Chesak (Weezer)
  • Drummer/producer Eric ‘Boots’ Greene (Wiz Khalifa)
  • Keyboardist/producer Irvin Washington (J. Cole)
  • Mix engineer Jim Fitzpatrick (Family Guy)
  • Producer/songwriter Nathaniel Paul (The Bergamot)
  • Producer/mixer Jaimeson Durr (Chickenfoot)
  • Bassist/producer Alberto Rigoni
  • Producer/drummer Mike Avenaim (Bea Miller)
  • Producer/mixer Yoad Nevo (Sia)

How to add these presets to the OVox plugin:

Simply place the unzipped folder named “ovox-producer-pack-ii” in the following location:

  • Mac: Mac HD > Applications > Waves > Data > Presets > OVox Vocal ReSynthesis
  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\Data\Presets\ OVox Vocal ReSynthesis

Get started with these preset tips by the featured producers:

Mick Schultz (Rihanna)

‘Paragon Chopper’ is a stutter effect that is dry, crisp, and unique. Great for layering in to a vocal or synth line for a subtle effect that doesn’t muddy up the sound.

‘Heavy Swing’ has a fuller body sound with some of the classic vocoder texture in it. Capable of getting a heavy tone and still remain clear.

‘Dark Tones’ is a round tone with a dark sound. It has some of the classic formant sound you’d find in modern music, but much warmer. This preset can add a lot of weight and mood to your sound.

‘Hi Clouds’ is high-pitch octave set in a room. No lows or mids to get in the way of your dry signal. Layer this on top of a vocal for a super eerie and intriguing sound.

‘Not So Clean’ is fuzzy, dirtier than the others. Something that can give your sound a more aggressive feel but still fit in the mix.

Marta Salogni (Bon Iver, Björk)

I wanted to push the OVox plugin to see how far I could take a sound from its original source to a newer dimension. Personally, when I get stuck working on a track or I need inspiration, it really helps me to do something drastic. That's what I had in mind here.

'Forget About It' is meant to do exactly that – distract your mind from what you were focusing on just now, and refresh your ears and horizons. In 'Fauna,' I've created my interpretation of animals slowly moving in some deep jungle at night, heard from a cave. 'Arrivals' is how I imagine what another language could sound like if we thought of present, past and future as happening at the same time. 'Ripley Come Home' is an homage to the film Alien. 'Enigmatica' is my enigmatic free-form vocoder interpretation, my first preset as I was playing around with the plugin, trying to solve an enigma.

Scott Chesak (Weezer, Panic! At the Disco)

OVox is the best vocal synth plugin I’ve ever used. It’s very inspiring and is constantly sparking new creative ideas for me. The modulation abilities, formant control and note mapper go so deep that you can sculpt a sound that is completely original. It also works with non-vocal material extremely well: you can turn a humble kick drum into a fully sequenced synth line.

My presets: ‘Sing Into This!’ turns vocals into a thick crunchy vocoder with tasteful vibrato. ‘Play Drums Into This!’ turns your drum patterns into a sequenced synth part with modulating effects. ‘Sing Falsetto Into This!’ turns falsetto vocals into a modern pop sound with an octave spread while maintaining the original pitch. ‘Play Bass Into This!’ turns bass into a throaty subby synth while maintaining the original pitch.

Finally, ‘Silly Eyelash Layers’ is a dark brooding effect on vocals, in the style of a particular current pop star (guess who!)

Eric ‘Boots’ Greene (Wiz Khalifa, Alicia Keys)

For my ‘BootsGreene BassVox’ preset, I went with the low electro feel, kind of the Kanye/Travis Scott feel, mainly for choruses or dope lead vocals. For the ‘BootsGreene OfChorus’ preset I thought of the ‘70s and Prince—how they would have the dope wide chorus effect on the vocals, but dry with a hint of delay. Sounds good with electro beats. For ‘BootsGreene StaticStort,’ I thought of a staticky sound with some distortion to give it that little edge on the vocal, while still being able to understand the words.

Nathaniel Paul (The Bergamot)

‘Glass Chains’ is my personal favorite of the presets I’ve made. Such a cool effect that creates a glassy shadow which follows the lead melody line. Fun to explore the scales and combinations with this one.

‘Beam Me’ sounds like a classic video game sample. This is great for developing a loop or adding some explosive elements and artifacts to the end of a phrase. Try doubling lead vox and mixing this in at times to add depth to the lead.

‘Thick Double’ will take some tweaking to find the right scale and key for the song, but once locked it can be a great way to add depth to lead vocal. A very cool effect if mixed in subtly.

‘Sing With Me Siri’ is a fun effect that mixes in the perfect amount of the original signal path with a modular/arpeggiated signal. You can almost sense a feeling of singing with a Siri-type voice. Could be a cool addition for a section in a song to evoke a doubling of the lead vocal in a creative way.

‘Stranger Rhythms’ is a very deep effect that can be used to create interesting rhythmic effects. I’ve been using this to get inspiration when looking for ways to accompany a lead vocal. A fun way to explore the sonic possibilities of OVox as a rhythmic element.

‘Coded Dreams’ combines a few elements to create a really unique effect. Depending on the scale that you use, you can really create an interesting sound by doubling the lead vocal with this effect and mixing it in. A very dream-like approach to the OVox.

‘Vocal Stains’ is a human-meets-digital combo. It is a heavy effect that could work well in a full production. I just had some fun with this one!

Stevic MacKay (Twelve Foot Ninja)

With ‘Square Wave Arp’ I wanted to arpeggiate a simple waveform and modulate the formant via automation. With ‘Robot Viking Double’ I wanted to add a bit more of an ominous, outer-worldly vocal presence that didn’t just sound like a pitch harmonizer.

Jimmy Bralower (Madonna, Hall & Oates)

My presets are mainly for drums. As I discovered with all the presets for OVox, you never know whatʼll happen when you put it on the ‘wrong’ instrument.

‘Kick Tone’ adds length and bend to kick drum. Also good on loops. ‘Thud Kick’ adds lo-fi thump and lower octave to kick drum. ‘Parallel Tight Kit’ – try this one on a parallel drum bus, to add fullness and subs to the kit. ‘Parallel Smashed Kit’ adds lo-fi ambience to drum kits—good on real drum kits. ‘Bass Guitar’ adds weight, clarity and fullness to bass.

Jaimeson Durr (Chickenfoot)

My ‘Ghost Hand’ preset sounds a little creepy: it doesn’t sound human to me, rather like a spirit singing through the plugin, like a ghost about to reach out and touch you.

‘Man Child’ shifts OVox 1 one octave down and OVox 2 one octave down, so it sounds like a deep-voiced man and a high-voiced child singing at the same time.

‘Whisper Yell Choir’ sounds just like the preset name: the tuning makes it sound like the voice that was singing is now whispering and yelling at the same time!

Irvin Washington (Bas, J. Cole)

‘Dark Is Beautiful Vocoder’ is a dark rising vocoder with light touch of beautiful ambience. ‘Octave double’ is a soulful -12 semitone effect that adds that lower octave texture to your vocal. ‘Synth Texturize’ adds a warm exciting synth texture to a single vocal. ‘Warm Octaves’ is a +12 & -12 semitone effect that lifts a vocal that is missing a little excitement.