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OVox Producer Pack: Free Presets by Grammy Winners

Feb 25, 2020 | 29,717 Views

Download free OVox presets made by Grammy-winning producers Malay (Frank Ocean), Focus… (Anderson .Paak), Lu Diaz (DJ Khaled) and more. These presets were not included in the original OVox plugin release.

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This Producer Pack includes:

  • 4 presets by producer Malay (Frank Ocean, Lorde, Zayn)
  • 6 presets by producer/mixer Lu Diaz (DJ Khaled, Beyoncé, Jay Z)
  • 3 presets by producer Focus… (Dr. Dre, Anderson .Paak, Kendrick Lamar)
  • 4 presets by producer/mixer MarioSo DeJesus (Wisin & Yandel, Tego Calderon)
  • 3 presets by producer/mixer Chris Carmouche (Big Boi, Outkast, Major Lazer)
  • 5 presets by producer/mixer Mark Ralph (Clean Bandit, Jax Jones)
  • 4 presets by producer Cam Blackwood (George Ezra)
  • 3 presets by electronic producer DJ Teffler

How to add these presets to the OVox plugin:

Simply place the unzipped folder named “OVox Grammy-Producer Pack” in the following location:

  • Mac: Mac HD > Applications > Waves > Data > Presets > OVox Vocal ReSynthesis
  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\Data\Presets\ OVox Vocal ReSynthesis

Get started with these tips by the featured producers:


FLUTE VOX – “This preset was intended to transform a section of vocals into a flute of sorts. I wanted it to change the tonality of the vocals but still retain the melody to be used as a layer. I would recommend using this in a dry production where vocals may need a cool woodwind sound.”

VOX TRANSMITTER – “I was going for more of an alien type sound with this preset. Something you would maybe hear aboard an alien spaceship through the intercom. I wanted something that would help crucial vocal adlibs pop out of a dense production, and this certainly does the trick.”

VOCODER – “This preset is my take on the classic vocoder with a few more FX to add vibe. The combination of a ping-pong style delay and fast moving modulation will definitely add more groove to any production.”

WHALE VOX – “This is a very lo-fi sounding effect covered in reverb to make it seem like you are hearing a whale under water. I wanted a sound that would help my vocals sound more modern without getting in the way of the overall performance in a very venerable section of a song.”

DJ Teffler

TalkBoxSynth – “I was going for a Daft Punk meets Disclosure sound; bright but warm, fuzzy and rich in harmonics. I played around with the harmonics and added a bright reverb setting to give it that rich sound!”

Cam Blackwood

Future Gospel Choir – “This preset was inspired by a song by Lewis Capaldi that is as yet unreleased. I used Lewis’ lead to make this preset. The song has a cool gospel vibe and I love how OVox brings the old school gospel sound back into the 21st century. Make sure you choose the correct key and play with the blend of the voice against the OVox and synth signals.”

Mark Ralph

Underwater Droplets – “Do you need your voice to sound like a puddle in the sky? Try this.”