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OVox DTOX Retox Pack: 25 Free Presets

Mar 19, 2020 | 21,239 Views

DJ & Producer DTOX has put together his “RETOX” pack for the OVox vocal resynthesis plugin: 25 creative, unusual and brilliant sounding presets for you to download for free! Not included in the original OVox plugin release.

About DTOX

An LA-based DJ and producer, Daniel "DTOX" Wisniewski has been honing his skills in sound design for several years. Beginning as a battle DJ, DTOX has clocked sixteen years of DJing and producing work. His use of rhythm and stereo-field techniques resulted from being bored with over-used stock presets. DTOX’s evolution into sound design introduces another element into his multifaceted resume and further extends the range of his talent.

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How to add these presets to the OVox plugin:

Simply place the unzipped folder named “DTOX Retox Pack” in the following location:

  • Mac: Mac HD > Applications > Waves > Data > Presets > OVox Vocal ReSynthesis
  • Windows:: C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\Data\Presets\ OVox Vocal ReSynthesis

DTOX explains the presets in the Retox pack:


Classic vocoder first half that has a trance, gate-like distortion on the second half.

Building Vox

I built this with the intent that you could use the original voice and also automate the voice down on a build, as I have the M4 modulator doing a 4-Bar build based on the M1 modulator’s rate being modulated by M4. So, if you turn the voice down all the way you get a cray EDM type build, and if you keep the voice in you get a build behind the voice that complements the other.

Clean Formant

Liquid/pulsing vocoder with a dramatic formant change as you play it.

Daft Rising

Arpeggiated harmonic rhythms with a distinct vocal that will add flare to any track.

Diamond Cutter

Complete disruption of your sound; turn any vocal or instrument into a cutting lead melody.


Levitating sound: when the amplitude dips down, the mix on delay, reverb and distortion are brought up. Great for call & response vocals or phrases that have less words.


Vibrating vocal sound that has a ring modulator type feel; when amplitude is dipped, the reverb mix is brought up by 50%. Great for call & response vocals or phrases that have less words.


Front and center vocal with a flanging formant. The delay mixed is modulated by the overall amplitude of the signal. When released, the mix is increased. Great for call & response vocals or phrase that are gaped out and have less words.

Formant Response

Very pretty and wide clean vocoder with a modulating formant on OVox 2. The delay mixed is modulated by the overall amplitude of the signal. When released, the mix is increased.

Formant Shimmer

Shimmering vocal sound with a bouncing vowel formant.

Formant Vibes

Evolving formant that flanges at the same time, really nice for pad vocals.

Full Tilt

Fluttering vocal sound also great for pads.


Just like the name says, a galloping pulse rhythm that blends with the natural incoming voice tuned (by MIDI input) along with the affected OVox signal.


Tremolo vocoder sound with a touch of noise whispering in the background.


Wide sound with a hollow grinding texture that is great for pads.

Guitar Strum

Wide vocals with a rhythmic pattern that fits right in the pocket.


Wide vocoder sound with a pulsing rhythm. The cool thing about this preset is its effects. The reverb and delay mixes are modulated by the amplitude of OVox's signal like a few other presets. What makes this one different is that the time and feedback are also modulated by the amplitude so when the amplitude dips, both the time and feedback modulate, giving this very odd de-tuned sound. Try call and response vocals or single shouts, it's a wicked sound.


Guttural and wide sound that fits in any mix, use it on pads or long droning vocals.

Liquid Vox

Simple classic vocoder with a liquid twist, play the X-Y on OVOX 2 to hear drastic changes.

Organized Randomness

Random panning with lots of modulation that gives you a nice stereo vibe in your mix, can be used for both topline vocals and pads, great rhythm piece.

Pretty Pan

Dizzying sixteenth note pan with the harmonics from OVox 1 being modulated at the same rate but in polar-opposite direction. Creates a harmonic-only type of progression.


Bubbling vocoder that sounds like it’s being played underwater, but still clear and recognizable.

Vocal Cutter

Classic vocoder sound with a cutting second half.

Wah Why

Classic Wah Wah sound that ramps up and down in rate over 8 bars.


Nice clean tremolo / auto-panning vocoder.