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1 Song, 2 Mixes: How Mixing Can Transform a Song

Oct 17, 2019 | 139,859 Views

What dictates the genre of a production, and why do we choose to make certain mix decisions? In this mixing masterclass Grammy-winning producer Scott Jacoby (Coldplay, John Legend, Vampire Weekend, Jason Mraz) tests genre extremes by approaching the same song twice: first with a vintage-sounding rock mix and then with a radio-friendly pop/hip hop mix, giving each production a distinctive feel.

Scott goes in depth into the mindset behind mix decisions, bringing it back to the intention of the production itself. You’ll learn not only what knobs to turn and when, but why you would choose to process mix elements in a specific way.

  • (1:52) Kick Drum
  • (5:10) Snare
  • (5:50) Hi Hats
  • (7:02) Bass Guitar
  • (8:58) Acoustic Guitar
  • (10:10) Electric Guitar
  • (13:13) Wurlitzer
  • (13:46) Baritone Guitar
  • (16:28) Lead Vocals
  • (19:49) Master Buss Processing

Music: “Most Of Us” by Pressing Strings