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Nx 3D Audio App for Windows & Mac – Tutorial

Nov 01, 2016 | 67,661 Views

Learn how to use the Nx app on your Mac or PC in order to watch movies, play games and listen to music in immersive 3D audio using any set of headphones.

  1. Install the Waves Nx application. Restart your system if prompted.
  2. Click the Settings icon in the Nx app in order to make sure that your headphones are connected to the selected output device.
  3. The 3D audio experience created by Nx is greatly enhanced by head tracking. Head tracking can be done in two ways – using your computer’s camera, or using the Nx Head Tracker.

    If you are using your computer’s camera:
    If you are using the camera, simply play audio or video content, then click the Camera icon in the Nx app. Verify that your face is fully detected in the video preview window. Move your head and verify that your movements are mirrored by the 3D head model.

    If you are using the Nx Head Tracker:
    (a) Attach the device to the top center of the headphone arc. Make sure that the L and R icons on the Nx Head Tracker match the left and right sides of your headphones.
    (b) Open the Waves Nx app, click on the Settings icon and choose “Nx Tracker.”
    (c) Click the button on your Nx Head Tracker device. The Nx application and the Nx Head Tracker are now paired, and the head model should turn blue.
    (d) Move your head around, and watch the head model in the app window move in sync with your movements.
    (e) Position yourself in front of the computer, and press “Sweet Spot.” This will now be your center position. The virtual speakers will remain symmetrically fixed in front of you (if you’re listening to stereo) or around you (for surround sound).
  4. Now play a song, watch a movie, or play a game with Nx on. Take a few minutes to let your ears adjust to the effect.
  5. You can turn Nx on or off using the button at the top right of the Nx window. For quick on/off access while the Nx window is hidden, right-click the Nx tray icon (Windows) or menu bar (OS X).
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