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6 Music Production Tips with Andrew Scheps

Apr 11, 2019 | 116,313 Views

Grammy-winning producer and mix engineer Andrew Scheps (Adele, Jay Z, Metallica) gives producer Reid Stefan—the Realest Puppet in the Game—6 tips for making sure that every element in a song’s production gets the space it deserves. (And yes, that really IS Andrew!).

Using mainly his own Scheps Omni Channel plugin, Andrew shows how to make sure that:

  • The lead vocal can cut through even the loudest production (1:00)
  • The background vocals complement the lead vocal, rather than compete with it in the mix—even if they were recorded using exactly the same mic (5:32)
  • Each instrument sounds strong and consistent in different parts of the song, for example in the intro vs. behind the vocal (8:20)
  • Subtle but important elements, like a tom pattern, have the right amount of drive and aggression to be heard, even on cellphone speakers (11:24)

Andrew also shows how to achieve these goals with the Scheps Omni Channel by:

  • Easily comparing and switching different flavors of compression and analog-style preamp saturation
  • Using effective EQ and de-essing techniques
  • Trying out effective parallel processing techniques

Check out more mixing tips by Andrew Scheps on the Scheps Omni Channel page.