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Mixing with Depth: Chris Lord-Alge

Learn how the legendary mixing engineer adds depth and space to his tracks
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Learn CLA’s Secrets for Mixing Tracks with Depth and Dimension


“Depth is important to every mix I do. Slapping a reverb here and there—that won’t give you depth. I want every mix to put you in a landscape with dimension, a different kind of space. And now I want to show you how I do it.

Join legendary mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Muse, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Urban) for this special video series—as he shares with you his secrets for mixing with depth.

Watch 4 Episodes

  • Mixing with Depth: The Concept

    What does it mean to create depth in a mix? Which mistakes do mixers make trying to achieve it, and which myths do you need to ignore? Join Chris as he shares his most important concepts for mixing with depth: Watch now

  • Mixing with Depth: The Gear

    “It’s the ear, not the gear” – or is it? The gear can make a difference too! Watch which pieces of hardware gear Chris uses, why he chose them, and how he combines them to create depth in a mix: Watch now

  • Mixing with Depth: The Sound

    Join Chris as he opens a song and shows you firsthand how he uses his reverb and delay methods to deliver true depth, space and dimension on vocals, drums and the entire mix: Watch now

  • Mixing with Depth: CLA Epic

    You’ve seen how Chris creates depth using his hardware setup. Now watch how he does it in the box with the CLA Epic plugin – his complete software suite of reverbs and delays: Watch now