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Mixing Hard Beats & Soft Vocals: Kori Anders (Future, Usher)

Jul 23, 2020 | 41,638 Views

Grammy-winning producer/engineer Kori Anders (Usher, Future, Gucci Mane) joins us from his home studio, sharing his personal tips for getting hard-hitting 808s and kicks to sit together in the mix with soft, warm, clear female R&B lead vocals.

  • 2:55 Mixing hard-hitting 808s & kicks
  • 8:44 Kick & 808 mix bus
  • 10:27 Processing female lead vocals
  • 14:09 Kori’s vocal mix bus chain

Log in to download Kori’s personal chain presets for the StudioRack plugin chainer:

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This download includes presets for three StudioRack chains with the following plugins:

1. “Low End Theory”

Kori’s custom kick and 808 chain, intended to beef up your kicks and add weight to 808s.

Plugins in this chain: MaxxBass, PuigChild Compressor, SSL E-Channel, Q1, J37, NLS Channel, RBass, C1 Gate, GTR Stomps, Infected Mushroom Pusher, Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter, Abbey Road Chambers

2. “Floating Vocals”

Kori’s custom vocal mix bus chain.

Plugins in this chain: DeEsser, Renaissance Compressor, Renaissance Vox, Kramer Master Tape, SSL E-Channel, Renaissance EQ, Doubler, H-Delay, TrueVerb

3. “Open Up Space”

This chain spreads the mix out. The Morphoder + Flanger add a slight chorus-type effect with MS processing. Overall, this chain makes the mix sound thicker and much wider.

Music: “Take Me to the Moon” by M’Jestie.