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Mixing Drums with the dbx® 160 Compressor

Nov 30, 2016 | 61,286 Views

Watch how to improve the sound of your drums by using the dbx® 160 compressor/limiter to mix kicks, snares and percussion individually and in group busses. A tutorial with audio engineer/musician Eric Tarr.

Eric demonstrates four fundamental uses of the dbx160 compressor/limiter:

  1. Mixing Mono Drum Tracks
    Learn how to use the plugin in mono mode when mixing instruments that do not require stereo processing, for example kick drums and snares.
  2. Mixing Stereo Drum Sounds
    Watch how to compress stereo tracks (such as cymbals or percussion) that were recorded with overhead and room mics.
  3. Mixing on the Drum Buss
    Watch how to use the dbx160 for mixing on your drum buss and also how to parallel compress using the plugin.
  4. Using the dbx® 160 as a Limiter
    Learn how to use the plugin as a limiter to control the overall level of your full mix.
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