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Top Dialogue Mixers Test Clarity Vx Pro: Real-Time Noise Reduction

Mar 06, 2022 | 28,012 Views

We’ve asked top re-recording mixers and sound supervisors for Academy Award-winning films and major productions – everything from Dune and American Beauty to NBC’s The Voice – to test Clarity Vx Pro, the new standard in noise reduction for dialogue.

Watch their reactions as they test the plugin on a variety of sources.

  • 1:01 Listen – Audio Example 1
  • 1:44 Listen – Audio Example 2
  • 2:39 Listen – Audio Example 3
  • 3:30 Listen – Audio Example 4
  • 4:21 Listen – Audio Example 5
  • 5:17 Listen – Audio Example 6

Powered by Waves Neural Networks®, Clarity Vx Pro is a revolutionary real-time noise reduction plugin that isolates dialogue from ambience and cleans it at the highest quality, without artifacts – using a groundbreaking and time-saving real-time workflow.

You can mix with Clarity in your DAW and immediately hear the clean results, non-destructively, in the context of your full video or audio session – without having to render, bounce, duplicate or consolidate tracks.

Also available: Clarity Vx the simplified version of Clarity Vx Pro.

Post-Production engineers featured in this video:
Ron Bartlett (Dune, King Richard)
Julian Slater (Baby Driver, Last Night in Soho)
Scott Gershin (American Beauty, Maya and the Three)
Michael Abbott (NBC’s The Voice, Shark Tank)
David Konsky (The Hit Network Australia)

No More Goodbyes
Director: James Ganiere
Writer: Rebekah Ganiere Producers: James Ganiere, Rebekah Ganiere, David Bartlett
On screen actors: Jequan Jackson, Zuri Staks a Rio Vista Universal, Ganiere film