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SoundGrid Studio + eMotion ST 32 Ch. Mixer

Record with plugins in real time. Mix plugin-rich sessions.
Image for SoundGrid Studio + eMotion ST 32 Ch. Mixer

In June 2024 we will release the next version of StudioRack, which will no longer support offloading plugin processing to a SoundGrid server via SoundGrid Studio: Learn more.

Record with Plugins in Real Time. Mix Plugin-Rich Sessions. Collaborate with Ease.


Forget latency and CPU limits: record/monitor with plugins in real time using a SoundGrid audio interface, offload plugin processing to hardware DSP for mixing plugin-rich sessions, and control it all with SoundGrid Studio software and the included eMotion ST software studio mixer.

SoundGrid Studio manages SoundGrid-compatible devices like audio interfaces, mixing consoles, DSP servers, and more. As your needs evolve, expand your system and configure a studio setup of any size—from a single DAW, to a super-network of multiple computers, interfaces and servers.

And now, with SoundGrid Studio’s new features (like automatic mapping and the customizable control room section), you can record, mix, collaborate, and create with more power than ever.

  • Software for your SoundGrid real-time audio processing system
  • Includes SoundGrid Studio control panel and the eMotion ST mixer
  • Offload processing to a SoundGrid server, and mix plugin-rich sessions
  • Record and monitor with plugins in real time (SoundGrid I/O required)
  • Collaborate easily by quickly patching DAWs and controllers
  • Stream audio among up to 14 audio interfaces
  • Custom control room to toggle multiple sources and monitors
  • Share the same audio interface among multiple computers
  • Create up to 8 personalized headphone mixes
  • Customize your mixer layer for a quicker, focused workflow
  • Add 3D headphone monitoring via Nx plugins (sold separately)
  • Stream up to 128 mono plugin channels from StudioRack
  • Personal headphone monitoring control via the MyMon app
  • Automatic Monitoring Sync for REAPER and Bitwig Studio

Boost the Power of Your Studio

  • Real-Time Recording with Plugins

    SoundGrid brings real-time monitoring and recording to your sessions. You (or the musicians you record) can hear the performance in real time—with plugins, and without any perceptible latency—allowing you to nail the best takes possible. Simply connect SoundGrid Studio to a SoundGrid audio interface and a SoundGrid server—and you’re all set.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Supercharge Your Studio’s Processing

    Produce and mix with as many of the industry’s best-sounding plugins as you want:
    SoundGrid Studio boosts your plugin processing power. It can receive up to 128 channels from your DAW (via the free StudioRack plugin chainer), and offloads all your plugin processing to a SoundGrid server. (For plugin offloading, you don’t even need a SoundGrid interface—use the audio interface you already have!)

  • Custom Control Room for Cross-Checks

    To prepare your session for the realities of the outside world, you need to cross-check your mixes on multiple sets of monitors. SoundGrid Studio’s powerful control room section, with three custom control room mixes, lets you toggle easily between your main studio monitors and two alternate monitors—without needing a traditional hardware monitor management system.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Personalized Headphone Mixes

    SoundGrid Studio lets you create multiple custom headphone mixes, on the fly. Send different headphone mixes to multiple musicians at a time—up to eight in the free 8-channel and 16-channel mixer versions, or up to sixteen in the 32 and 64-channel versions. Toggle tracks in and out of what the musicians hear—with one click of a button.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
  • Optional 3D Headphone Monitoring

    For an enhanced headphone monitoring experience, insert any of Waves’ Nx virtual studio plugins directly on your SoundGrid Studio headphone and control room mixes. These plugins emulate the acoustics of the world’s best studios, from Abbey Road to Ocean Way, in realistic 3D audio—creating a more natural monitoring experience while recording, and less ear fatigue while mixing.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material
  • Collaborate Easily: Connect in Seconds

    Quickly set up and manage all the audio interfaces, drivers, and SoundGrid servers in your flexible SoundGrid network. Need to patch more computers, DAWs, synths, samplers, and hardware processors? Configure them instantly in SoundGrid Studio’s Patch section. Collaborators can easily integrate their devices into your studio, using as little as one SoundGrid-compatible Ethernet cable.

    Features: Precision Modeled Transformers
  • Scale Up Your Studio When You Need To

    SoundGrid is easily scalable—from a single DAW with one SoundGrid audio interface, to a flexible super-studio with multiple computers, hardware DSP servers to offload processing from your CPU, and up to 14 audio interfaces. Connectivity is a breeze, with single Ethernet cables connecting everything to anything—even when your studio is spread across multiple rooms.

    Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material
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