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SoundGrid QRec

QRec is a streamlined and simplified SoundGrid application designed for quick live recording and playback. It is pared down to give you the essentials you need to work fast – the quickest way to connect your Mac or PC to a SoundGrid audio network.

With QRec, you can:

  • Record live shows, rehearsals, etc. quickly from your console, via your SoundGrid I/O card, into your DAW. When you need to set up a live recording quickly, use QRec to set your DAW to receive up to 128 channels from your SoundGrid I/O card.

  • Perform virtual soundcheck. Play recorded multi-tracks from your DAW, via your SoundGrid I/O card, into each instrument’s respective console channel.

  • Record and play back audio in the studio via your SoundGrid I/O. Use QRec to configure any SoundGrid audio interface in your studio, to record pristine audio and play it back on your studio monitors or headphones.

  • Assign IO boxes to SoundGrid’s MIDI driver. If your IO device supports MIDI, you can assign it to the SoundGrid MIDI driver to stream MIDI to and from it via the SoundGrid network.

Unlike the fully featured SoundGrid Studio application which requires a learning curve, QRec offers a simplified interface, so you can connect your computer to a SoundGrid network in literally seconds.
  • Simplified SoundGrid application for live recording and playback
  • Quick and easy to set up: no learning curve
  • Record live shows and rehearsals to your DAW
  • Assign MIDI devices through SoundGrid
  • Perform virtual soundcheck from your DAW to individual console channels
  • Quickly configure SoundGrid I/Os for studio recording & playback
  • Connect up to 4 SoundGrid audio interfaces
  • Share your SoundGrid I/Os with others on a SoundGrid network
  • Up to 128 driver channels
  • Supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz