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MyFOH is a remote control tablet app for the eMotion LV1 live mixer. It allows front-of-house engineers to control the LV1 over wi-fi, from any iPad or Android tablet, and shape the live mix from anywhere in the venue.

As an FOH engineer, you don’t always have the luxury of placing your mixing console in the best listening position on the venue floor. In such cases, moving around the venue to spot mix problems becomes a necessity. Walking around the venue also enables you to evaluate the mix from the vantage point of the audience and tweak accordingly.

With MyFOH, you can make these decisions as soon as you hear them, from various locations in the venue. You can decide more confidently about levels, panning, FX sends etc.—and ultimately create a better mix. MyFOH also allows you to correct levels for front fills and delays, which are almost impossible to judge confidently from the static FOH position.

MyFOH brings the power of the eMotion LV1 to your tablet. With MyFOH, you have full control over:

  • Fader control (input channels, groups, auxes, FX groups, DCA, matrixes)
  • Sends on faders
  • Mutes and solos
  • Mute groups and user assignable keys
  • Panning (left/right)
  • Channel inserts on/off
  • Tap tempo
  • Long fader/hide rack view
  • Spill & link
  • Changing scenes created in LV1
If you are handling both FOH and monitor duties at the same show, you can also use MyFOH next to the musicians on stage (rather than attempting effective communication from across the venue), creating a more personal, nuanced and professional experience for all involved.

Please note: MyFOH does not mix or route audio on its own; it requires the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer to fully function. It does not pass audio through the tablet itself.
  • Remote control app for the eMotion LV1 live mixer
  • Compatible for iPads and Android tablets
  • Make mix decisions faster from anywhere in the room
  • Friendly and efficient interface
  • Controls faders, sends, mutes, solos, panning, inserts, tap tempo and more