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Remote control tablet app for the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer
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Also available: MixMirror iPad app to control plugins remotely.

Control Your FOH Mix Anywhere in the Venue


As a live engineer, you’re not always able to place your console in the room’s optimal listening, which forces you to move around the venue to spot mix issues. With MyFOH, you can shape your live mix from anywhere in the room, using any iPad or Android tablet over wi-fi.

With MyFOH, you can remote-control your eMotion LV1 live mixer, deciding more confidently about levels, panning, FX sends, etc. MyFOH also lets you correct levels for front fills and delays, which are almost impossible to judge confidently from the static FOH position.

MyFOH allows you to control all of the following: Faders (inputs, groups, auxes, FX groups, DCA, matrixes); gain (pre-amp, V-gain, trim, phantom, phase); sends on faders, mutes and solos; mute groups and user-assignable keys; panning (L/R); channel inserts (on/off); tap tempo; long fader / hide rack view; spill & link; changing scenes created in eMotion LV1.

  • Control the eMotion LV1 live mixer from anywhere in the venue
  • Compatible with iPad and Android tablets
  • Make mix decisions faster, wherever you are in the room
  • Controls faders, gain, panning, sends, mutes, inserts, tap tempo, more
  • Make confident decisions about levels for front fills and delays
  • Friendly, intuitive UI for easy operation during your shows
Watch It in Action

Please note: MyFOH does not mix or route audio on its own; it requires the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer to fully function. It does not pass audio through the tablet itself.