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eMotion LV1 Live Mixer – 32 Stereo Channels

Unrivalled sound quality, deep Waves plugin integration
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Includes software only. I/O and server not included.

Also available: 16- and 64-channel software, plus FIT controller.

Build your own LV1 system or see software + hardware combos.

Step Up to the Next Level of Live Sound


Bring pristine, industry-acclaimed sound quality to any show, venue, or streaming event. With 32 stereo channels of unbeatable audio, full Waves plugin integration, and a customizable design to accommodate your personal workflow, eMotion LV1 addresses any live sound challenge.

Seamless integration with Waves’ 200+ plugins brings the award-winning signal processors used in studios around the world to live sound—for unlimited creative possibilities, and precision control.

  • 32-bit, double-precision audio engine for headroom and clarity
  • Run eight SoundGrid-compatible plugins directly on each channel
  • 32 stereo/mono input channels, 44 bus/return channels, 8 matrixes
  • 16 monitor auxes, 8 FX auxes, 8 audio groups, L/R/C/Mono
  • Live-optimized Waves eMo plugins provide channel strip processing
  • 16 DCA faders, 8 mute groups, 16 user-assignable shortcut keys
  • Remote control with the included MyFOH iOS/Android app
  • Personal monitor mixing with the included MyMon iOS/Android app
  • Create custom layers for super-quick, personalized workflow
  • Supports 44.1 to 96 kHz sample rates
  • DCA spill allows populating layers with DCA-linked channels
  • Share/interconnect up to 16 stageboxes, expansion slots, DAWs
  • Compatible with industry-standard controllers, including Waves FIT
  • Windows and Mac 64 bit-compatible
  • Smooth integration with Dugan Speech automixer plugin
  • Share the same stagebox between multiple LV1s at FOH and monitors
  • Free eMotion LV1 Session Editor for offline pre-show prep
  • Practically unlimited processing power using multiple servers
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Mix with Unrivalled Sound Quality, Creative Freedom, and Full Flexibility

  • Pristine Sound, Maximum Dynamics

    LV1’s signature Waves Double-Precision, 32-bit floating point mixing engine delivers supreme sound quality, exceptional dynamic range, and the headroom that’s vital for live sound—at sample rates from 44.1 to 96 kHz.

    Pristine Sound, Maximum Dynamics
  • Mix with Creative Freedom

    LV1 offers total integration with the same award-winning, cutting-edge Waves plugins that power GRAMMY®-winning studio projects. Mix live as creatively as in the studio, with 200+ optional plugins for all production styles—up to 8 plugins hosted directly on each LV1 channel.

    Mix with Creative Freedom
  • Precision Problem-Solving

    Handle live sound challenges easily with industry-leading tools for feedback elimination, stage mic bleed control, dynamic EQ, multiple mic auto-mixing, de-essing, voice and bass gain riders, and much more.

    Precision Problem-Solving
  • Waves eMo Channel Strips Plugins—Designed for the Stage

    Waves eMo plugins for EQ, filters, and dynamics create the ideal channel strip—with transparent sound, zero latency, and a user interface designed specifically for the uncompromising needs of live performance.

    Waves eMo Channel Strips Plugins—Designed for the Stage
  • Tactile Fader and Touch Control Options

    Mix with optimized multi-touch response, and/or use up to two Waves FIT controllers for tactile control, for a total of 32+2 motorized faders, multi-function rotary controls, layer switches, assignable keys, tap tempo, auto-mapped plugin parameters, and more.

    Tactile Fader and Touch Control Options
  • Prepare for the Show, Anytime, Anywhere

    With a SoundGrid-compatible audio interface and server, you can mix audio in your hotel room on a system that fits in a backpack—then expand the same system at the live venue with more I/O, servers, and interfaces. Or use the free eMotion LV1 Session Editor to configure your session’s parameters without audio, using any laptop or desktop without need for an I/O or server.

    Prepare for the Show, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Build a Super System

    Connect multiple eMotion LV1 mixers to the same network switch, and share any I/O devices—stageboxes, DAWs, computer drivers—as well as tracks, synths, etc. among multiple LV1 systems. No signal splitting required: LV1s can send your sources from the stage to multiple destinations simultaneously, with separate gain control for each engineer.

    Build a Super System
  • Personal Monitor Mixing and Remote Control Apps

    MyMon gives up to 10 performers detailed control over monitor mixes, via their mobile devices. MyFOH controls the LV1 over wi-fi, for shaping a live mix from anywhere in a venue. Both are free, and iOS/Android compatible.

    Personal Monitor Mixing and Remote Control Apps

eMotion LV1 Key Features

 eMotion LV1 64 CHeMotion LV1 32 CHeMotion LV1 16 CH
Channels (Stereo/Mono)643216
Auxes (Stereo/Mono) – Total24248
Monitor Auxes1616-
FX Auxes888
Audio Groups88-
Master ChannelsL/R/C/MonoL/R/C/MonoL/R
Matrixes (Stereo/Mono)888
  • Windows/Mac 64 bit-compatible
  • 32-bit floating point mix engine, with latency as low as 0.8 ms
  • Sample rate: 44.1–96 kHz
  • Patch up to 16 hardware and software SoundGrid I/Os
  • Share I/Os – stageboxes, DAWs, computers – between multiple LV1 systems
  • FOH and monitor engineers can share the same stagebox between two LV1 mixers, with separate gain control for each engineer
  • Run up to 8 plugins per channel
  • All processing is done on an external SoundGrid DSP server
  • Connect LV1 to up to 4 Waves SoundGrid servers (plus four redundant servers), for practically unlimited plugin processing power
  • MyMon personal monitor mixing app for mobile devices – designed for eMotion LV1
  • MyFOH Remote Control App for eMotion LV1
  • Prepare your LV1 sessions offline with the eMotion LV1 Session Editor, to save time at the show
  • Tactile control with the Waves FIT controller: Connect up to 2 FIT controllers, for up to 32+2 physical faders
  • Compatible with up to four multi-touch screens, as well as diverse hardware control surfaces
  • Touch-friendly interface
  • 6 control windows: Mixer 1, Mixer 2, Channel, Show, Patch, Setup
  • Different control windows can run simultaneously on different touchscreens
  • Each Mixer window provides 8 layers, each with up to 16 channel strips
  • Each channel strip provides control over its channel’s input, dynamics/EQ/filters, plugin rack, sends and routing
  • Create your own custom layers for super-quick personalized workflow
  • Custom colors for channels (FIT controller reflects colors)
  • Up to 1000 scenes, including recall filters and recall-safe options
  • Sends-on-faders mode per Mixer window for each of the 16 aux busses, with auto cue on aux
  • MIDI control over scene change
  • Preamp control and digital trim per channel input
  • Automatic latency compensation on internal mix busses
  • Delay groups for output delay alignment
  • Multiple outputs available per channel, each with digital trim per output
  • Advanced stereo Imager, including balance, rotation, width and L/R panning
  • 16 link control groups, providing global control over inputs, plugins, EQ, dynamics and sends for assigned channels
  • DCA fader per link control group
  • DCA spill – populate layers with DCA-linked channels
  • 8 mute groups, with an additional Mute All output option
  • Global tempo control per scene; Tap tempo available on main toolbar
  • Show Lock option for locking plugin instantiations, external routing, and complete surface lock
  • Comprehensive meter and clip settings
  • 16 user-assignable keys for personalization of control over mixer operation (e.g., open specific plugin, tap tempo, recall specific scene)
  • Solo-in-place option, with automatic solo-safe sources and destinations
  • Copy & paste channel names, processing and routing
  • A/B input options, for quick patch changes
  • External insert for outboard gear connection, as part of the plugin rack chain
  • Offline operation mode, including offline configuration and patching of I/O devices
  • Complete channel processing presets, compatible with Waves SuperRack and StudioRack presets
  • Smooth integration with the separately purchased Dugan Speech plugin for auto-mixing multiple mics