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Dugan Automixer

Automatic real-time gain control for up to 64 mics
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The automatic solution for mixing multiple mics


You know the problems with talk shows, discussion panels, houses of worship, and corporate events with multiple microphones and participants: feedback, comb filtering, noise, and people talking over each other. Or should we say, you knew the problems… because here’s the solution.

Developed with audio innovator Dan Dugan, the Dugan Automixer is a dream come true that also avoids nightmares. Now you can run multiple mics, in real time, with confidence.

  • Software version of the Dugan Automatic Mixing Controllers
  • Avoids the uneven level changes associated with noise gates
  • Compatible only with the discontinued Waves MultiRack
  • Works by distributing one open mic’s gain over an entire system
  • 3 modes—Auto (controls gain automatically), Manual, and Mute
  • Each channel can be assigned to one of 3 groups
  • Channel Override can prioritize specific mics (e.g., the host’s mic)
  • Adjust per-channel sensitivity when mixing automatically
  • Save snapshots, or exclude snapshots from changing settings
  • Extensive metering monitors system status
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What Top Pros Are Saying
  • Michael Abbott
    “In The Voice, I have four coaches who want to speak spontaneously. I used to auto-mix them with the Dan Dugan hardware—but now I use the Waves Dugan Automixer. “
    Michael Abbott
    NBC Audio Engineer & Producer
    The Voice, Shark Tank
  • Howard "Howie" Lindeman
    “The Dugan plugin is a must whenever you’re mixing multiple mics, whether in ‘talking heads’ shows or during theatrical dates when fast cuing of several mics comes into play. Even with 10 or 20 mics, it prevents noise and feedback. It works in a heartbeat. “
    Howard "Howie" Lindeman
    Live and Studio Engineer
    Roberta Flack, Natalie Cole, Ravi Shankar, Anoushka Shankar
  • Stephen Bailey
    “At the Passion Conference, we've used Dugan on three host mics to clean up their dialog channels—but also to live-sync our three venues. I could control how much audience level to add from the other venues into the local PA or broadcast mix, to make it feel we were all part of one unified event. “
    Stephen Bailey
    FOH Engineer
    Matt Redman, Rend Collective, Passion, Martin Smith