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Mix Better on Headphones: Nx Ocean Way Nashville Plugin

Jan 24, 2021 | 47,699 Views

Give your headphones the mixing power of an acoustically perfect control room and monitor system. The Nx Ocean Way Nashville plugin replicates the acoustics and high-end monitoring system of the world-renowned Ocean Way Nashville Studios – on any pair of studio headphones.

Supervised and fine-tuned by Ocean Way founder and studio designer Allen Sides, Nx Ocean Way Nashville turns your headphones into a more powerful mixing reference tool. It helps you solve the issues that make it difficult for mixes done on headphones to translate to other listening environments: low-end response, precise stereo imaging, mix depth, precise amount of reverb and ambience, etc.

Watch first reactions to the plugin by the Grammy-winning engineers and producers for Taylor Swift, John Legend & more, all of whom have worked extensively at the original Ocean Way Nashville studio.

Created by Waves in collaboration with Ocean Way Studios at Belmont University and Ocean Way Audio.

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