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Mastering Your Stem Tracks with StudioVerse Plugin Chains

Jul 06, 2023 | 12,490 Views

Mastering can be a daunting process. Learn how mastering your stems with plugin chains in Waves StudioVerse can turn mastering into a quick, creative process, in this video with Radium Records’ Bradley Denniston.

FREE Download: To access the mastering chain shown in this video, plus thousands more plugin chains, download the free Waves StudioRack plugin chainer. The StudioVerse world of plugin chains opens from within the StudioRack chainer.

To try Bradley’s mastering chain on your tracks, search it in StudioRack, or simply copy/paste this link into StudioRack’s search bar:

Bradley Denniston is a producer, engineer, and music artist based in Hollywood, CA.
Listen to “Bring Those Good Times Back” here.

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