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Plugins for Cadac Consoles

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For Cadac CDC eight-16, CDC eight-32 and CDC six consoles.


You can now run Waves’ GRAMMY®-winning reverbs, equalizers, compressors, limiters, delays and more directly from your Cadac CDC six and CDC eight consoles. Every CDC six or CDC eight console features a built-in Waves SoundGrid interface that lets you run Waves SoundGrid plugins in low latency, record, and do virtual soundcheck.

Running Plugins

CDC six and CDC eight both come with the MultiRack plugin host already integrated into the console, and are pre-loaded with Waves SoundGrid plugins. All you need to do is connect your plugin licenses (via a USB flash drive) and your SoundGrid DSP server (via Ethernet) to the console's Waves SoundGrid I/O, and you’re good to go!

Virtual Soundcheck, Recording and Playback

Connect a PC or Mac computer running the Waves Tracks Live software, and record up to 64 tracks at 96 kHz.
Visit www.cadac-sound.com

SoundGrid Processing

In SoundGrid configuration, a dedicated SoundGrid DSP server powers the plugin processing, enabling low latency and high plugin counts. The SoundGrid configuration also gives you advanced networking capabilities and enables you to add a backup DSP server.

FeaturesNative RecordingSoundGrid Processing
Low Latency 
Simultaneous Recording & Processing 
CPUNativeSoundGrid DSP Server
Backup DSP Server 
I/O InterfaceIntegrated Waves SoundGrid I/OIntegrated Waves SoundGrid I/O
Plugin Control Console's Touchscreen