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SoundGrid Server GNU/Linux Open Source Code

SoundGrid systems are software and hardware solutions designed to bring real-time processing, advanced networking and the power of Waves’ award-winning mixing tools to any system, studio or live.

Waves’ SoundGrid servers are in compliance with GPL.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the open source code included in SoundGrid servers in executable form (subject to and during the time period required by applicable open source license requirements), please contact Waves Orders.

You may also download the code below (including our modifications to the Linux Kernel, along with libraries and some tools to get you into the code.)

Please note: You will receive the servers’ base Linux code, not the final operating system.

SoundGrid Kernel Server Version 2017
SoundGrid Kernel Server Version 2016
SoundGrid Kernel Server Version 2015
SoundGrid Kernel Server Version 2014