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Product Entitlement Supplement

Last updated on: 06/21/2022

This supplement includes ssupplemental usage rights, restrictions, and terms specific to a particular WAVES Software product. This Product Entitlement Supplement is incorporated by reference and an integral part of the Waves Audio End User License Agreement located on EULA (End User License Agreement) (the “EULA”).


1. Cloud MX Audio Mixer; Cloud MX Audio Mixer Plus; Cloud MX Audio Mixer Premium (each a “Cloud MX Product”):
Additional License Rights and Restrictions: All Cloud MX Products may only be installed on a cloud platform and may only be used with the plugins provided as part of a Cloud MX Audio Mixer subscription (“Cloud MX Plugins”). The Cloud MX Products may not be used with any other WAVES plugins that are not Cloud MX Plugins.

2. All WAVES Plugins other than Cloud MX Plugins (whether sold stand-alone or as part of a bundle) (“On-Premises Plugins”); All WAVES Software Products other than Cloud MX Products (“On-Premises Software Products”):
Additional License Rights and Restrictions: All On-Premises Plugins and On-Premises Software Products may not be installed on any cloud platforms.