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Hip Hop Mixing Masterclass with Lu Diaz

Learn hip hop mixing from the 3x Grammy®-winning mix engineer (Pitbull, Jay Z)
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Step Up Your Hip Hop Mixing Game


Learn valuable hip hop mixing tips from 3x Grammy-winning mix engineer and producer Lu Diaz (Pitbull, Jay Z, DJ Khaled, Beyoncé), covering vocals, the low end, master bus mixing, and career advice.

  • Learn crucial steps for mixing pro-sounding hip hop vocals
  • Learn tips for mixing bass, 808, and kicks like a pro
  • Get crucial tips for getting loud, clean, dynamic mixes
  • Get Lu’s tips for success as a producer and mixer

Learn to Mix Better Hip Hop Tracks: Vocals, the Low End, and Beyond

  • 4 Steps to Mixing Hip Hop Vocals

    Learn 4 crucial steps for mixing pro-sounding hip hop vocal leads and ad-libs, from removing harshness to creating depth and character: Watch now

  • 3 Tips for Mixing the Low End in Hip Hop

    Learn to mix bass, 808 and kicks like a pro, with essential tips to make sure your bottom end is deep and fat but not muddy: Watch now

  • 10 Tips for a Powerful Hip Hop Master Bus

    Get vital tips for getting loud, clean, dynamic mixes and preparing your mix for the final mastering stage: Watch now

  • Career Tips for Aspiring Producers and Mixers

    Becoming a successful mixer or producer isn’t just about technical chops: it’s also about how you handle yourself. Learn Lu’s tips for success Watch now