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How to Create Killer Guitar Tones with Voltage Amps and StudioVerse

May 09, 2023 | 11,855 Views

Ever lusted after legendary electric guitar sounds from the likes of Queen, Led Zeppelin, Muse, or The Black Keys? Waves’ Dan Cooper shows you 4 amp + effect chains inspired by these guitarists, using plugin chains from Waves StudioVerse.

All chains in this video are available in the Waves StudioVerse plugin chain community (see specific chain links below). All chains include the Waves Voltage guitar amps. StudioVerse includes over 100 more guitar effect chains that utilize Voltage Amps—download StudioVerse and check them out!

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:21 Listen to the 4 chains
  • 1:10 Quick overview of Waves Voltage Amps
  • 1:56 Quick overview of Waves StudioVerse
  • 2:26 Guitar chain #1 – Queen – Wet Dry Wet Width-er AMPS
    A big, beefy and wide guitar amp sound made up from a triplet of amps, light modulation, delay and reverb. Inspired by the Wet-Dry-Wet setup used by Queen's Brian May.
  • 5:01 Guitar chain #2 – Muse – Guitar Hysteria – Plugin Blender
    A great guitar sound sometimes comes from combining several amps. This chain takes inspiration from Muse’s Matt Bellamy, giving you the power to blend direct FUZZ & BUZZ tones with several different amp sounds, along with delay, reverb and width effects.
  • 6:38 Guitar chain #3 – Black Keys – The Black Strings Octave Solo
    A guitar amp sound FOR SOLOS ONLY, with a twist, taking inspiration from The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. You get the edge his sound has, with a macro to add an octave and another to give instant Haas delay width.
  • 8:23 Guitar chain #4 – Led Zep – Guitar – Heavy Metal Ballon
    This chain takes inspiration from the mighty Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin). It mimics an amp being mic'd up both front & back, along with a touch of phaser and chamber verb.