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Kaleidoscopes: Best Classic Modulation in One Plugin?

Sep 23, 2020 | 55,185 Views

“This could be exactly what I’ve been asking for,” says Produce Like A Pro’s Warren Huart about Kaleidoscopes, the analog-inspired multi-effect modulation plugin. Find out whether he got what he wanted...

“For years I’ve been looking for a high-quality modulation plugin,” Warren says, “with a really good phaser, a killer flanger, and great chorus and tremolo sounds – all in one plugin. Something that reminds me in quality and sound of the best classic hardware modulation units: The DeArmond 601 Tremolo Control (1941); Fender Tremolux (1955); Fender Vibrolux (1963); Eventide Instant Phaser PS101 (1972); MXR Phase 90 (1974); Eventide Instant Flanger (1976); Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble (1976); MXR Phase 100 (1977).”

In this video, Warren dives deep into all the options and features of Kaleidoscopes – including the four effect types, the Dual Cascade engines, and the intelligent triggering section.

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