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Iron Maiden’s Live Mix Setup | FOH Ken “Pooch” Van Druten


Watch legendary FOH engineer Ken “Pooch” Van Druten (Justin Bieber, Linkin Park) walk through his detailed Iron Maiden live setup using Waves SuperRack and various plugins.

  • (3:11) Pooch using Torque Live on Snare
  • (6:02) Learn why Pooch creates a cymbals group and how he patches the C6 back to his main channels to give him better control of the kit
  • (10:25) Pooch explains how the F6 polishes the overall drum mix bus
  • (14:10) Pooch shows us his plugin chain on Steve Harris’ bass and explains the reason for the PSE
  • (21:07) See the comparison of the C6 settings between Dave & Adrian’s guitar groups
  • (24:50) Pooch shares a great tip to make room for vocals in the mix with a sidechain and center setting on F6
  • (30:00) Pooch walks through the plugins used on Bruce’s vocal channel including the CLA-2A, C6, F6 and DeEsser

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