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Waves Central: How to Install, Update, Move & Recover Plugins

Oct 28, 2019 | 65,060 Views

Learn how to use the Waves Central app to install and activate Waves plugins and manage all your Waves licenses, including perpetual licenses as well as Waves Creative Access subscription licenses.

This video covers the basics of Waves Central, including:

  • How to install Waves products
  • How to activate Waves licenses
  • How to update Waves products
  • How to move your licenses between different computers
  • How to recover Waves licenses
  • How to install legacy versions with offline installers

Need more help?

Within the Waves Central app, head over to the dedicated Support page for in-depth information about basic and advanced features.

You can also visit the support articles here on the website, for detailed instructions on installation, licenses, and other topics.