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Introducing Nx Virtual Studio Collection

May 16, 2022 | 31,047 Views

Fine-tune your mixes in the world’s best studios. With the Nx Virtual Studio Collection, you get access to the acoustics and monitoring systems of world-famous mixing rooms, on any pair of stereo headphones – so you can make your best mix decisions, anywhere, anytime.

The Nx Virtual Studio Collection features precision acoustic models of world-class studios including Ocean Way Nashville, Chris Lord Alge’s Mix LA, Germano Studios New York (originally The Hit Factory), and the original Nx Virtual Mix Room – for reliable referencing in superior acoustic environments.

With the Nx Virtual Studio Collection, you can better judge balance, stereo image and panning, mix depth, low-end response, reverb usage, and more. Each Nx plugin, powered by Waves’ Nx technology for immersive spatial audio, includes several monitoring systems that have been designed, built, and tuned by world-class experts so you can ensure that your mixes translate on any system. Cross-check tracks over studio classics such as NS10s, high-end Ocean Way and Exigy monitors, and more.

Learn more and step inside the world’s premier control rooms.