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NEW! AI Powered Key Detector: Find, Transmit, Make Music

Jun 27, 2023 | 60,743 Views

Key Detector is a time-saving tool for all music makers. Replace manual work with AI-powered key detection, for any sample, track or full mix.

Stop wasting time trying to manually detect the key of your samples, tracks, and full mixes! With Waves’ Key Detector, you can let AI do the work for you.

In just one click, you get a root note, scales (major or minor), and two likely alternatives - all thanks to Waves Neural Networks®. Plus, use it along with Waves’ vocal tuning and harmonizing plugins such as Waves Tune Real-Time, Waves Tune, Waves Harmony, and OVox. Clicking the "Transmit" button will send the detected key to all active instances of these plugins. Get perfect pitch recognition and spend less time doing manual labor - try out Key Detector today!