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Introducing eMotion LV1 v10

Nov 08, 2018

Waves Audio is glad to announce that a new version of the groundbreaking eMotion LV1 live mixer is now available – eMotion LV1 v10. This update includes new features and improvements to performance and stability.

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Based on Waves SoundGrid technology, eMotion LV1 is a software mixer used by audio engineers all over the world for live, broadcast, worship and other applications. With its pristine sound quality and unparalleled digital workflow, and with plugins running inside the mixer itself, eMotion LV1 is revolutionizing the way shows are mixed and broadcast around the world – adding the power and versatility of Waves plugins to the arsenal of engineers everywhere whilst shrinking the form factor of a full mixing system down to carry-on size.

Extending eMotion LV1’s existing capabilities, v10 adds exciting new features:

eMotion LV1 v10 now supports I/O sharing, allowing FOH and monitor engineers to share stageboxes between two eMotion LV1 mixers. To complement this feature, v10 also introduces both shared and separate gain control modes, enabling each engineer to set their nominal input levels safely and conveniently, without affecting each other.

eMotion LV1 v10 also adds performance and stability improvements. See the full list on the LV1 Support Notes page.

Introducing LV1 v10

How to update eMotion LV1 to v10:

If your eMotion LV1 v9 is covered by the Waves Update Plan, you can update your eMotion LV1 license to v10 now.

If your eMotion LV1 v9 is not covered by the Waves Update Plan, renew your Waves Update Plan coverage, and then update your eMotion LV1 license to v10.

When you log into Waves Central, an "Update Available" indication will show at the top left. Click on it and follow the onscreen instructions to update your eMotion LV1 to the latest software version.

If you need any assistance switching updating to v10 or switching between SoundGrid v9 and v10 software, contact Waves Technical Support.