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How to Improve Your Mixes with Channel Strip Mixing

Apr 11, 2019 | 49,769 Views

One powerful way to improve your mix process and make it more efficient is to make smart use of channel strip plugins. In this video, Graham Cochrane of the Recording Revolution shows you how to access your most essential mixing tasks from just one channel strip plugin—the Scheps Omni Channel, developed by master mixer Andrew Scheps.

Channel strips can improve mixing speed and efficiency—and ultimately quality—by giving you convenient access to preamp saturation, EQ, compression, gating, de-essing and more, all from one plugin.

The Scheps Omni Channel adds to this flexibility by also:

  • Letting you quick compare and choose between 3 different flavors of preamp saturation and 3 different flavors of compression (VCA, FET, OPTO), all from the same plugin.
  • Allowing you to switch around the order of the processors (preamp saturation, EQ, compression, de-essing, gating) as you like.
  • Enabling you to insert any other Waves plugin inside the Scheps Omni Channel’s ‘insert point’—letting you build your custom chain within the plugin.

Watch how Graham takes advantages of this flexibility to mix all the instruments in his song, including vocals, guitars, synths, and drums.

Want more channel strip mixing tips? Check out these tips by Andrew Scheps himself on the Scheps Omni Channel page.

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