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How to Improve Audio in AV Installations: Waves Commercial Audio Webinar

Mar 02, 2021 | 330 Views

Learn how you can dramatically improve speech intelligibility and audio playback quality in conference rooms, fitness centers, government and corporate facilities, houses of worship and more, with Waves Commercial Audio high-quality DSP engines.

Waves’ CA1000 and CA2000 DSP engines are loaded with over two dozen premium Waves processors. Each product comes with professionally pre-configured audio presets, specifically designed to enhance the sound quality of any system.

In this webinar (originally streamed live August 10, 2020), Waves Commercial Audio Product Manager Greg Kopchinski goes over the features and capabilities of the Waves CA DSP engines, including:

  • Device hardware overview
  • How to route Dante-based network audio to the DSP engine
  • How to customize and fine-tune presets for your specific installation environment
  • Example presets and audio processing elements for microphones
  • Optimization and leveling of playback sources
  • Specialized presets for high-quality online streaming