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How to Mix Immersive Audio Fast with Waves Spherix

Sep 28, 2022 | 20,953 Views

Dive deeper into immersive mixing with Grammy®-nominated engineer Steve Genewick (Paul McCartney, Norah Jones) as he explore the Spherix Immersive Compressor & Limiter and shows how fast and easy mixing in Atmos® can really be.

Waves Spherix is a dynamics suite, a compressor and a limiter, that allows you to mix immersive audio faster, save time, and avoid tedious manual workarounds: Mix efficiently without swapping channels, tweak multiple channels (multi-mono) with a single touch, and process entire speaker zones instantly in convenient immersive-ready channel groupings.

Music: “An Englishman in Love in LA” by Richard Shelton
Preformed by Richard Shelton
Instagram - @itsrichardshelton
Twitter - @RichardShelton

Written and composed by:
Alex Rudd
Twitter - @alexanderrudd_music
Jen Toksvig
Twitter - @toksvig