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How to Mix Perfect Reverb and Delay Effects for Pop Vocals

Apr 16, 2024 | 8,353 Views

Delay, reverb and chorus are three essential effects that create space, depth and movement in any mix, but working with these across several different plugins is often a chore.

In this video, presented by Austin Hull, learn how to make the most of these effects all within Waves multi-effects plugin Space Rider. Unlock the full potential of your dry pop vocals and learn how to not only add the illusion of space with reverb, texture with delay and depth with chorus, but importantly how to get amazing interest and ear candy to your vocals using the easy and intuitive dynamic controls within Space Rider.

Video Chapters:

  • 00:00: Introduction.
  • 01:15: Overview of Waves Space Rider.
  • 3:00 Dialling in reverb and delay on vocals
  • 5:39 Before and after example
  • 6:03 Making custom StudioRack Chains with Space Rider
  • 7:19 Make big reverb ambient throws on vocals
  • 8:15 Final before and after

Learn more about Space Rider.

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