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How to Mix Musically with CLA MixHub – ADSR Review

Jan 31, 2019 | 17,729 Views

Learn how to utilize CLA MixHub to get all your instruments singing in the mix. In this video, Taetro from ADSR walks us through the classic console sound of the plugin and shows us how to enjoy its analog-like workflow.

CLA MixHub is an efficient mixing tool developed by Waves together with Grammy-winning mix legend, Chris Lord-Alge. The plugin contains input processing, EQ, dynamics control, and the ability to open other Waves plugins from within the hub.

CLA MixHub is unique in allowing you to mix in buckets. Bucket view gives you the option to see all the instances of MixHub across your project in a single window, and arrange them in 8 different buckets to suit your workflow.

0:00 – Intro
1:21 - Lead guitar processing and overview of main components
3:33 - Adding other Waves plugins, arranging the processing chain
4:25 - Rhythm guitar processing and adding width
6:03 - Bass guitar processing and adjusting individual left/right channels
8:41 - Kick drum processing
10:37 - Mixing in buckets
13:13 - A/B test - with and without CLA Mixhub