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How to Get More Digital Mileage from your Analog EQs

Sep 29, 2021 | 12,574 Views

Got some analog EQs lying around but not enough to mix in hybrid? You can! Use Q-Clone – a one-of-a-kind plugin which allows you to get analog tone on infinite channels.

If your studio has some outboard analog EQs then you know there’s nothing quite like the warmth and feel these devices deliver in a mix. But, you may only own one unit and cannot afford to buy more. With Waves Q-Clone you have the power to model the curves of your favorite hardware EQs in real-time across as many channels as you need in a session.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:49 What is Q-Clone?
  • 1:24 How to setup Q-Clone and Q-Capture in any DAW
  • 2:52 Q-Clone examples
  • 3:37 What Q-Clone doesn’t do
  • 4:04 What are your favorite outboard analog EQs?

From boutique EQs through to guitar-tone stomp boxes, Q-Clone captures it all. In this tutorial, learn how to get setup and running with this unicorn plugin.

Don’t own any hardware EQ? No problem, check out Waves analog model plugins catalog.