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How to Create a Low End You Can Feel with Submarine

May 21, 2019 | 45,205 Views

Sometimes the bass in your track is present and audible but lacks the earth-shattering thump that makes you move. Mixer Sean Divine shows how, using Submarine, you can get the crowd dancing to the beat like they should.

Powered by Waves’ Organic ReSynthesis technology, Submarine is a subharmonic generator delivering well-balanced subsonic results on any large sound system.

Sub frequencies are the backbone of modern music production. To really feel the music, you need beats, basslines and entire mixes to hit hard below the subsonic belt. Yet, many producers struggle to craft massive sub bass content that remains crystal-clear on large sound systems, without muddiness, artifacts or excess rumble.

Submarine’s two sub generators process your source—kicks, bass, even full, busy mixdowns—and cleanly add new subharmonic frequencies up to a full TWO octaves below the precise frequency range you’ve selected.

Music written and produced by Sean Divine.