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Hi-Hat Compression – Tony Maserati’s SSL Tip #2

Nov 02, 2017 | 74,303 Views

Grammy-winning mixer Tony Maserati (Beyoncé, Jay Z) shows you how he gently compresses hi-hat and adds energy to the overall track using the SSL G-Master Buss Compressor.

By using compression to tighten and control the sounds around the initial attack, perceived intensity is added to the performance. Compressing gently, and with a slow enough attack to leave the transients unaffected, will subtly intensify the overall feel of the track.

In this video, Tony Maserati shows you how to work with this technique, adding subtle but felt impact to any mix.

This is video #2 in a four-part series:
Part 1: How to set parallel drum compression
Part 2: How to compress hi-hats
Part 3: EQing parallel drums
Part 4: Bass and synth bass mixing