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Titan-R SoundGrid Server

Comes with a free 1-year warranty. Extended warranties available.
Also available: Titan SoundGrid Server

Waves’ strongest server, Titan-R powers your mixes with low-latency processing of hundreds of Waves plugins, live or in the studio. Titan-R is identical to the Titan SoundGrid Server but has dual (redundant) power supply for extra safety on critical productions.

Titan-R is the most powerful choice for massive processing tasks. With 30% more plugin processing power than the Extreme SoundGrid server, you can run larger sessions than ever – in the studio or in your live shows.

Titan-R boasts sleek, rugged industrial design, with LED indicators for easy network and temperature monitoring, plus sturdy RAM positioning for enhanced durability. Titan-R also comes with built-in rack ears for quick installation straight out of the box.

Complete with dual (redundant) power supply, Titan-R is the most powerful, most reliable choice for maximal processing power in your system.
  • Waves’ strongest server, built for massive processing tasks
  • 30% more processing power than Extreme servers
  • Dual (redundant) power source for reliable processing on critical productions
  • Ultra-low latency: as low as 0.8 milliseconds at 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz
  • Quiet design with minimal fan noise
  • Sturdy RAM positioning for extra reliability
  • LED indicators for easy network & temperature monitoring
  • Powerful Intel® 10th Generation Core i9-10900K Processor
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Custom built-in rack ears for easy installation
  • Free 1-year warranty: Extended warranties available
  • Use with any SoundGrid I/O interface
  • Use with non-SoundGrid I/Os (ASIO/Core Audio) via SoundGrid Connect: See complete instructions