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SuperRack LiveBox

Mix live with VST3 plugins by any brand. Dante- or MADI-ready. One simple box.
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Any VST3 Plugins, Live. Dante- or MADI-ready. One Simple Box.

SuperRack LiveBox brings the power of VST3 plugins by all manufacturers, Waves and others, to any live production or broadcast. LiveBox features Dante or MADI connectivity (Dante: 128 channels, MADI: 128 channels – 64 Coaxial and 64 Optical), ultra-low latency, and the industry-standard SuperRack Performer plugin host—all in one simple box. (Note that LiveBox units are either Dante-ready or MADI-ready, not both: select your option above.)

SuperRack LiveBox gives live sound engineers and creative artists access to all their favorite audio plugins, all running natively on a turn-key 2U rack-mountable device that’s easy to connect to your console in any live setting.

LiveBox’s combination of hardware and software is carefully optimized to run your plugins efficiently and reliably. Simply hook up the LiveBox to your console and start mixing—no complex setup needed. Dual power supply provides power redundancy for extra reliability in any situation.

The SuperRack Performer plugin host included in SuperRack LiveBox is the same proven, rock-solid live plugin control software used by thousands of live sound engineers in shows and broadcasts of all sizes. With all the familiar features of SuperRack Performer in place, SuperRack LiveBox allows you convenient control of all your VST3 plugins, by Waves and all other plugin makers.

Your purchase of SuperRack LiveBox also includes the Waves Live bundle, with over 50 industry-leading audio plugins for state-of-the-art live mixing.

  • Run VST3 plugins by Waves and other brands in your shows
  • One box connected to your console: Easy turn-key solution
  • Units include either Dante or MADI I/O: 128 channels, 24 bit
  • Native processing, no additional hardware required
  • Includes the industry-standard SuperRack Performer plugin host
  • Includes the Waves Live bundle: 50+ plugins for live mixing
  • Dual (redundant) power supply
  • Unrivaled low latency