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Server One-C Combo

This powerful combo will let you mix live shows with up to hundreds of plugins in real time. Includes plugins, SuperRack, SoundGrid Server One-C, and more.

The combo includes SoundGrid Server One-C, an 8-port network switch, three Cat 6 network cables, the SuperRack SoundGrid application for running plugins on your console, and six essential plugins for live mixing.
  • Run up to 300 plugins, in real time and super-low latency
  • Process, record and soundcheck with Waves SoundGrid processing and networking technology
  • Includes SoundGrid Server One-C, SuperRack plugin host application, six Waves audio plugins, 8-Port network switch, and three Cat 6 cables
  • Plugins included: Waves Renaissance Axx, Renaissance Bass, Renaissance EQ, Renaissance Reverb, H-Delay and eMo D5 Dynamics
  • For live mixing consoles with Waves networking cards
  • Complete redundancy & recovery capabilities